Seachanger-ProdugyThe new SeaChanger Prodigy color engine is intended to be used in combination with the PRG ReNEW LED retrofit light engines and existing ETC Source Four shutter barrels and lens tubes.  With the ReNEW light engine, output and color seemed very consistent when compared to SeaChanger’s traditional Tungsten and HID units.  It uses the CYMxG color mixing system and adds an onboard dimmer for use with phase-dimmable LED retrofit light engines.  In this “CYMxG+Dim” configuration, the light engine and dichroic filters can work together for tungsten-like dimming adjustments of color temperature as the fixture is dimmed.  It should be noted that while the system is tuned for use with the PRG ReNEW light engine, it should work with other manufacturer’s offerings but performance may vary depending on the LED light engine used.

The SeaChanger Prodigy is expected to start shipping in January, 2016.