Robert Juliat

Dalis-onThe new Dalis 860 is an eight color, 300W LED cyc light which pairs alternating six-color clusters of Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Amber, and Royal Blue colored LEDs with two-color clusters of Warm White and Cool White LEDs.  The LEDs are aimed horizontally within the fixture housing into asymmetrical reflectors which then direct the light down the surface to be illuminated.  Control is via DMX, RDM, Art-Net, or sACN and a bonus feature is that the Dalis 860 can act as a node/ gateway to convert incoming Art-NET or sACN to DMX for fixtures daisy-chained to its output.  The 1m unit can be controlled in five modes depending on the granularity of control desired.  At the low end is a basic 8-channel mode with color presets, CCT adjustment, dimmer, strobe, etc…  At the top end is a 68-channel option to divide the fixture into four control groups each with 16-bit control of each color to allow dynamic effects and more natural variation of color within the cyc illumination.  The fixture is convection cooled and uses the QuickRig mounting system.