Robe LDI 2015Robe pulled out all the stops with their largest LDI booth to date in an impressive product launch of their new BMFL units.  The stage was set for 2 industry Rock Bands, allowing Robe to demonstrate the features of its lighting portfolio in a real world scenario. Luminaires featured include the DL7S Profile, an LED fixture built for theatres and TV studios. the Square, a 5×5 zoomable LED matrix for video projection, pixel animation, beam effects plus a highly effective wash and cyc light with continuous pan/tilt rotation movement.  ColorStrobe an RGBW version of their white light LED. Viva, an elegant brand new lightweight LED spot moving head, and the PATT 2013 tungsten softlight, utilizing an HPL 750 lamp.

The BMFL (Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire) signature line comprised of the BMFL Spot and BMFL Blade units has now been expanded to include a BMFL Wash and BMFL Wash XF fixtures. BMFL Wash is a 1,700W wash light with large 200mm diameter front fresnel lens for high quality traditional wash output ranging from 4.5° to smooth 55° to create a punchy beam or smooth wash. Interchangeable frost filters available in three grades light, medium (standard) and heavy offer a means for the designer to create the desired level of softness. CMY + CTO color mixing filters compliment two color wheels with 6 colors each. Advanced DMX controllable edge aberration correction is used to create smoother hues and seamless coverage.

The Optional XF module expands the features of the BMFL Wash with an internal graduated filter, allowing rotation of the whole assembly plus/minus 130° to achieve even wash coverage when projecting onto a non-perpendicular surface.  A Beam Shaping internal motorized barndoor module contains four individually controllable blades, rotatable by 180 degrees.