Martin by Harmon

Martin The Martin exhibit focused on three main areas within their booth: Stage, Dance floor and Facade under the tagline “Solutions to evoke emotions”.

Martin LDI 2015Stage Lighting products on display included the popular MAC Viper series of moving head luminaires utilizing a 1,000W HID source.  Viper Performance, Profile, Wash FX and Beam are optical variants of their top of the line automated lighting units. The MAC Quantum family of LED source moving heads consists of the Profile, a 575W 13,000 Lumen White Light hard edged unit with CMY color mixing, and beam animation effects;  the Wash, a 750W 16,000 Lumen RGBW Wash light with 1:5 Zoom and rotating front lens for beam effects;  and the Aura XB, a 285W 6,000 lumen compact wash light perfect for that “eye candy” effect. The dynamic beam effects were made notable with use of the Jem ZR family of atmospheric effects. Additional LED products including the VDO Sceptron family of linear units with a variety of optical accessories, and the VC Range of creative LED building blocks in Grid, Strip and dot configurations were used to light up the stand.  The brains behind the scenes were M-Series lighting desk and the video savvy P3 system controllers.Martin video

Dance Floor (Club lighting) products shown featured the RUSH line of effects lighting featuring both automated and fixed units designed to make an emotional impact at a cost effective price point.  The Rush MH series consist of various LED and Arc source moving heads in spot and wash configuration. Rounding out the RUSH line are the Strobe CWL, the Wizard magical beam effect, Multibeam2 with actuating LED Bars, DC1 Aqua color projector, the Gobo Projector with 20W LED source, PAR RGBW2 Zoom and PAR2 CT Zoom for variable CT white light.

martin archRounding out the trifecta was the Facade component of the Martin scene. A series of IP66 rated Exterior Wash units designed to light up your façade are available in different sizes with either single color RGBW LEDs, Quadcolor RGBW LEDs, or Variable white. Looking for accents? The Exterior Linear family and IP67 rated Inground 400 are available in the same color configuration as the Wash.  Finally the Exterior 400 Image Projector is an IP65 rated 7500 Lumen white light LED projector. Beam spreads are available in narrow, medium and wide, and the unit comes complete with six custom colors and 8 custom gobos (steel or glass) for that cool dynamic exterior projection effect that we’ve all been hoping for.