Lyntec RPCLynTec, a manufacturer of remotely operated AC power control systems for the installed sound, lighting and video industries, was on scene to demonstrate the most recent additions to their product line.  On display at LDI 2015 will be three new circuit count panels for LynTec’s RPC line of remote-control breaker panels. The new panels make it possible for LynTec customers to add more circuits in the same horizontal wall space to control a greater number of components as needed. The three new RPC panels take advantage of a change in the National Electrical Code that allows them to support 48, 66, and 84 circuit breaker positions, respectively. Previously, RPC panels were available only with 30 or 42 circuit breaker slots. Now customers have incremental options between the 30 and 84 position panels with no increase in width. All RPC panels leverage the RPC controller’s ability to address up to 168 motorized circuit breakers.  The new panels are also available as main lug only (MLO) and main circuit breaker (MCB) in 225, 400, and 600 amp interiors.

RPCM Mobile Distro PanelGoing mobile… the RPCM Mobile Distro Panel brings the RPC feature set, including web-enabled control and monitoring, remote-control breakers, and both branch and phase current monitoring, to a mobile power distribution.  Easily controlled through a browser interface, users can turn circuits on or off, or monitor branch current and other energy usage statistics.  Built-in alarming capabilities can provide external messages triggered by electrical problems.

The system operates on 120/208 Volts (other voltages optional) with Cam-style connectors for power input and feed-thru, 200% neutrals and your choice of 150A, 225A, or 400A Main Circuit Breaker. The panel offers 42 breaker positions populated to your specification with motorized and un-motorized breakers. A Multi Function LED panel compliments multiple LED monitor power displays for 3-phase voltage, 3-phase current, Neutral-ground voltage, Neutral current and Line frequency.  Rack mount output panels are customized with your choice of connector options such as L6-20, L21-20, and VSC style along with a standard 5-15 duplex outlet.