Leprecon LPD Leprecon had their new LPD Series Portable Power Distribution Racks on display.  These racks are a flexible, modular design with heavy duty construction.  They are designed for all applications requiring compact and reliable portable power distribution systems including; concerts, sound stages, film and television production, and conventions.  Some of the features of the racks systems include:

  • Heavy duty rack design with ABS laminate and 1/2” plywood with steel frame construction, with heavy duty casters.  Custom cases and colors available
  • Power input of single or parallel cam type connectors rated for 400A
  • Mains Breakers 100% rated with options of 100, 250, and 400 Amp either single or 3 phase switchable between 300/200A
  • Breakers available in single pole, two pole, and three pole ranging from 15 to 50 amps
  • Parallel load connections 110v or 208v
  • Connector options in Stage Pin, Duplex Edison, Neutrik Power Con True 1, and 19 Pin Multi Connector
  • Accessories include Digital Volt Meter, Digital Amp Meter, Littlite LED Racklite, and internal power for auxiliary equipment.