High End (a Barco Company)

SolaSpot2000High End this year was #AllAboutLEDWith the introduction of the new SolaSpot 2000 Highend is starting to cover all of the bases in the LED moving light age. Highend is taking a different approach in that they are giving us a product that functions in the same fashion that we are already accustom to with the benefits of LED’s.

The SolaWash 2000 is also a great compliment to the SolaSpot; it contains a 600w LED source that has the output equivalent to most 1500w Metal halide products on the market. It can also be configured in two variations using lenses, a beam mode provides a field range of 5.5 to 42 degrees and a wash mode provides a field of 9 to 51 degrees.

High End UNOThe other fixture of note was the High End UNO. Utilizing the largest, high efficiency TIR lens ever developed for the entertainment industry, UNO is a LED beam light for the future. An Osram 60x RGBW LED coupled with High End’s proprietary 106mm TIR lens produces the brightest, tightest and most homogenized LED beam to date – which along with lightning fast movement creates three degrees of incredible effects.