Green Hippo

Green Hippo has three lines of products Green-Hippofirst the Aviary line of media management and digital display solutions, the well-known Hippotizer range of  media servers capable of 3D mapping, and the LINX DPSDI that solves the problem of converting a single 4K Display Port into four 3G-SDI signals. This rack mounted splitter takes a full 4K and UHD Display Port input and converts it to four independent, genlocked, 3G-SDI outputs.  They developed this for a single customer and are now gauging interest in the marketplace.

The big announcement regarding GreenHippo really came from  Harmon / Martin Professional. The announcement was made that the P3-PC System Controller will now fully integrate with v4 versions of the GreenHippo Media servers, allowing for native control of all of Martin’s LED video products up to 20,736 pixels.