Clay Paky

SceniusClay Paky introduced two new movers to the market at the show, the Scenius and the Spheriscan.  Both are arc source fixtures with 6,000k lamps at 1,400W and 1,200W respectively.  The Scenius is billed as the, “top of the Clay Paky range,” and is a moving head profile fixture with an 8°-55° zoom.  Color is CMY plus a linear CTO filter combined with a seven-color fixed color wheel to solve the problem of hard to mix colors.  Beam tools include two rotating gobo wheels with (12) interchangeable gobos, a four-facet prism, frost, a graphics wheel, and an iris.

Clay Paky Spheriscan The Spheriscan brings back the moving mirror fixture in a very modern package.  The mirror is centered above the fixture’s lens in a clear, acrylic enclosure.  The mirror has continuous rotation (no end stop) at up to 280rpm.  Color in this fixture is also CMY plus the seven-color fixed color wheel (no CTO).  Zoom range is 13°-34° and the beam can be modified with six rotating gobos, eight fixed gobos, prism, iris, and frost.  An additional feature of this fixture is that it is IP54 rated for outdoor use.  The mirror can also be removed if you wish to use the fixture as a fixed image projection device.