BBS Lighting

BBS-LED-flyerBBS was featuring the Flyer LED Kit. This is a very lightweight, portable boom kit. It is a variable color, 3000K to 5600K overhead softlight. The complete kit includes a Molded Case, Light head, Diffusor;  Diffusor Skirts, power supply, AC Cord, DC Cord, Integrated Belt Pack for Remote Controller and GOLD MOUNT OR V-LOCK battery plate. The head only weighs 2 pounds!

BBS offers the Pipeline Reporter 3200K, 4300K and 5600K kits. These kits are made to address the challengers of traveling correspondents who often deliver their reports via Skype or Messenger from a webcam on a desktop. The Pipeline remote phosphor LED fixtures in the reporter kits deliver flicker free dimming from 100%-0, extremely bright with more than 2000 Lumens output. The footprint of each fixture is less than the computer mouse and set up takes just a minute. Each Pipeline Reporter Kit includes: 1- Rugged case for two lights, 2-weighted adjustable desk top tripod stands, 2-(1’) Pipeline with build in dimmers, 1-DC Adapter-UK/US/EUIAU and 1-(4’) power split cable. Each kit meets onboard travel regulations.