American Grip

American Grip Blue TrackAGI took another look at the way Flat Frame Gel Holders are made.  The holder has a 5/8″ Pin and spring loaded paddle-like fasteners with a built-in tightening knob and roll pins that keep the jaws from spinning when all the way open. This handy part proves useful when gel frames are subjected to harsh winds or movements, or when custom placement of the flat gel frames are needed. They also showed off their MC C-Stand base which can fit in a milk crate and a miniature duck bill clamp. Working closely with Dana Dolly, American Grip showed off their new Blue Curve Dolly Track. Available in 8′, 9′ and 10′ curved sections, this curved track which is made from Speedrail is smaller in width so that it can be used with the Dana Dolly systems.