Pro Cyc

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Pro Cyc 4qsPro Cyc – System 4QS was the name of the game for Pro Cyc this year, showing of the flexibility of the portable system with the flip of a caster the units can easily be rolled around your studio. With easy to use 3’6” Vertical Radius Floor Coves, 5’ Horizontal Radius 45-Degree Corners, 4’ x 4’ Flat Modules and leg assemblies up to 16’ you can quickly get the Green/Blue screen mudded and painted in no time!

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Pro Cyc super1.5ez-800Also at the show was the System Super 1.5EZ Cyclorama Wall w/ 18 inch Cove. With the increase in the number of smaller virtual studios being installed around the world, the demand for Pro Cyc’s fiberglass System 1.5EZ has been on the rise.  In reaction to this growing trend, we developed our new System Super 1.5EZ made out of High-Impact ABS Plastic. The transition from floor-to-wall and/or wall-to-wall is smooth and requires very little space.  Because the corner is non-parabolic with a 12” flat center expansion, it reduces noise reflection and provides a longer sweep horizontally for smoother lighting.