Photon Beard

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Photon Beard PhotonBeam 80 LED.The tried and true look of an open face “Redhead” is back with a new LED twist.  Photonbeam 80 made by Photon Beard uses remote phosphor technology to offer a full spectrum, high CRI light output which adapted the 800w tungsten halogen “Redhead” to offer an 80w LED solution.  The unit is supplied with daylight remote phosphors and an optional tungsten phosphor can be swapped out in a matter of seconds.  The fixture ships with a mains PSU but can also be fed with a 11-17VDC, V or gold mount camera battery.  Ask about the 3 head soft bag kit.can be powered from standard camera batteries, either V or Gold mount.

The 1200w HMI linear lamp in an open face format that is ideal for any requirements where raw output is required such as for use as a bounce light or for punching through some diffusion to create a very soft, powerful daylight source.  Because it is only 1200w it can be powered from virtually any domestic supply worldwide and is also excellent for use with small generators for locations and mobile shooting.  The Platinum Blonde by Photon Beard takes a much used, and widely available lamp, the double ended 1200w HMI, and utilized the housing of our 2kW tungsten Blonde.  The head is supplied with a barndoor, head to ballast cable, 1.2kW HMI lamp and offers an optional add 575/1200w electronic ballast.