Kino Flo

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Kino Flo CelebThe Kino Flo booth was a buzz with people checking out the Celeb 200, Celeb 400 & Celeb 400Q DMX LED softlights.  The Celeb series LED produces a soft, even wraparound light quality (PRI 95) and produces color faithfully, beautifully on HD or film, in the studio or on location.

Kino Flo also has made improvements to the Fluorescent line with the introduction of the Mega 4Bank DMX. The 8ft and 6ft Mega 4Bank DMX lighting systems are reintroduced with a new design. With new universal voltage from  100VAC-240VAC, the lighter weight Mega 4Bank DMX ballast draws only 4.3A (120VAC), almost 50% less than the previous model. New features include new graphics and new rounded power switches with the same classic features: individual light control, HO/Standard switching and the same high quality standards: flicker-free, instant-on, dead quiet operation. Color temperature doesn’t shift when light levels change. The large portable soft lights give the cinematographer or lighting designer a unique soft light that cannot be easily duplicated with traditional luminaires. Lightweight and cool in operation, they can be hand-held, attached directly to a set wall or stand mounted.