Barbizon NAB 2015 - Dedotec LEDramaNew from Dedotec, the LEDrama. Units come in two flavors. Daylight (5600K) and Bi-Color (3000-5600K). The advantages of the Bi-Color are apparent as you get the same output in daylight mode, plus variable color temperature down to 3000K.

With an output of 23,600Lux at 1 meter and a total power consumption of 220W it’s clear to see the advantages of using this fixture.

Points of interest… Passive cooling (no fan), manual and DMX control included, and a tight footprint at only 5.12” depth.

Dedo DLED4.1Other interesting items in their booth were theDLED4.1 LED Light head. The unit offers state of the art LED dedocolor sources in daylight, tungsten and bicolor versions. It also has separate dimming control adjusts the intensity with no color change Focusing like a true dedolight from wide 60° to extremely narrow 4° clean beam – with no stray light.

Two specialty lights were the new LEDZilla that come in specialty color wavelengths.

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Dedolight UV and IR ZillaThe iREDZilla comes in 860/960 nM Infrared LED.  It is the world’s first focusing near infrared illuminator that focuses like a dedolight.

The other is the FluoresZilla which is available in 365 and 400 nM versions.