Brightline showed LED fixtures from both their studio and videoconferencing lines of products. For the studio, they showed the new LED SeriesONE, the new L-CL Chin Light, and the BL.16.

The new LED SeriesOne is a remote phosphor softlight fixture based on the form-factor of Brighline’s classic SeriesONE fluorescent fixtures. The new units can even make use of studio’s existing inventories of fixture accessories such as intensifiers and screens. The LED SeriesONE is dimmable via DMX with no color shift and available in 3200K and 5600K at >95 CRI. Brightline if focusing on controlling color consistency of their remote phosphor by binning the LEDs to a tolerance of not more than 3nm within a manufacturing run. They can be powered from 120, 230, or 277 Volt sources and draw 192W.

The L-CL Chin Light uses the same remote phosphor technology as the LED SeriesOne in a compact, 15” x 3” x 4.75” package (dimensions include mounting hardware). The 18W L-CL is powered via a 6’ low-voltage, coaxial cable which connects the unit to a DMX controlled power supply. Up to four sequentially addressed units can be individually controlled from one power supply making this a great solution for multi-anchor desks.

Barbizon NAB 2015 - Brightline LED Series OneThe BL.16 is a 60W fixture with 16 LEDs in a rectangular 4×4 array. The fixture uses interchangeable optic cartridges in both Daylight and Tungsten, with Broad, Medium, and Narrow beams. The beam can be further shaped using mini control screens as well as three lengths of snoots. The BL.16 is dimmable via DMX, but also offers phase (mains) dimming as an option for direct retrofit into 120-230V studio dimming systems.

For videoconferencing, Brighline showed their LED VideoPlus and LVP-360 fixtures. Designed for mounting in drop-ceiling grids with no extension below the ceiling plane these fixtures provide task lighting and directional lighting for video. Both use remote phosphor technology in 3200K or 5600K at >95 CRI. Fixtures can be fed from switched 120, 230, or 277V sources and dimmed via analog (0-10V) or DMX. Fixture draw is determined by configuration and can be limited to meet energy code requirements. The larger VideoPlus fixtures receive low-voltage power and control from a ceiling or rack mounted power and control box. The smaller LVP-360 can be powered from these as well or from an integral power and data supply.

The LED VideoPlus fixtures have a 5” wide aperture and are available in 2’ and 4’ lengths. To understand the options for these fixtures it is easiest to imagine them installed end-to-end in a row over the centerline of a conference table. The first option is task only lighting. This option provides lighting below the fixture with a 55 degree beam spread to illuminate the top of the table. To this base lighting, Brightline then adds LEDs in the same fixture housing which are aimed at 45 degrees to the side. These have a 25 degree beam spread and are intended to provide front light to the people sitting along the conference table. The video and task lighting beams are designed to overlap slightly to provide even lighting. Depending on the requirements of the room, either one or both sides of the table can be illuminated.

The LVP-360 provides additional flexibility beyond that offered by the LED VideoPlus. The LVP-360 is a 1’ section of LED VideoPlus with the task downlight plus one bank of 45 degree angled video lighting. This 1’ unit is mounted in a circular plate integrated with a 2’ x 2’ ceiling tile. The unit can be aimed by rotating the fixture within the ceiling tile to provide more traditional key, fill, and back lighting angles than are offered by the LED VideoPlus. Brightline sees this being especially useful for single-person shots, such as a CEO’s office. The smaller size could also be used for the ends of the table in a traditional conference room where the main portion of the table is lit with the LED VideoPlus.