BBS Lighting

Barbizon NAB 2015 - BBS Lighting PipelineBBS Lighting, known for their innovative Area48 remote phosphor LED luminaire introduces the Pipeline LED System. In a convenient cylindrical form factor in lengths of 1′ 2′ 3′ and 4′, the Pipeline remote phosphor provides high CRI soft light that is controllable and dimmable with no color shift or flickering. Whether installed in an optional single or multi-lamp reflector bank, or used stand-alone, the 180 degree Pipeline sources are an effective soft-light lamp for modeling faces and illuminating backgrounds.

Among Pipeline’s numerous advantages are low power draw, high light output, wide light dispersion, heatless and fan-less operation. Control of 1’ and 2’ sections is achieved by single channel in-line dimmers and the 3’ and 4’ pipelines are controlled via wireless DMX 512 controller. The Pipes are available in 3200K, 4300K or 5600K color temperature outputs, and can be used in a bi-color arrangement mixing different color temperature Pipes to achieve mid-range color temperatures.