Wildfire VioStormWildfire showcased their new VioStorm black light LED. The VioStorm uses 365nm LEDs which is the peak wavelength you need for ultra-bright effects. The fixture has an array of 10W UV LEDs, delivering a total of 60 Watts. The VioStorm is flicker free dimming and has 5 Pin DMX in/Out and Powercon In/Out. There are also 7.5” brackets to allow the fixture to use the industry standard accessories.

Also on hand was their affectionately nicknamed “Powerhouse.”

Wildfire Effects Master VHOThe Effects Master VHO produces such a flood of UV output, you could light up an entire warehouse. Which is exactly what it was designed for.

Laser tag arenas, mini-golf courses, nightclubs, or any large entertainment venues needing to flood a large area with as much UV as possible at a low cost will appreciate the new Effects Master VHO. The fixture features FOUR 4 ft. lamps, and accepts any standard 40W T-8, T-10, or T-12 size. The electronic VHO (Very High Output) ballast, among other features, is what’s responsible for such output. It overdrives each lamp to 80W, giving you 320 Watts of raw black light power.