Lightronics FXLD2512B5I6 LED Wash Lighting Fixture Bar Lightronics has a few of their newest releases on hand at LDI – including LED Wash Lighting Fixture Bar [LD2512B5I6] which spots 12 – 25 Watt HEX LEDs for 330 Total Watts.  It can run in 5 or 9 channel DMX mode and has a native beam angle of  60°. Control modes include: DMX, Autorun, Master/Slave and Sound Activate.

Lightronics 1018frp5i4 HEX LED ParThey also had an LED PAR called the FXLD1018FRP5I which is another HEX LED (RGBAW) lighting fixture. It is suitable for stage, disco, night club, and other artistic applications. It has several stand alone control modes and can operate via a
DMX-512 external signal. A double yoke enables the fixture to be operated in several positions.