LEX Products

LEX PCS TrioAfter over two years of R&D, LEX Products unveiled a brand new approach to permanently installed power distribution.  This new power control technology centers on the PCS Trio (Power Control System).  Available in 4, 8 or 16 module sizes, this 14.5″ wide panel features three circuits per interchangeable module.  Load types include both single and double pole relays as well as a traditional 350 us rise time SCR dimmer.  Designed to handle the rigorous demand of entertainment applications, these fully rated 20 amp circuits come in 5 different module configuration designs and speak DMX, RDM, sACN and ArtNET.  Chock full of control features, the PCS drives LED loads, traditional dimmers, relays and 220v moving lights from a single 3-phase power source made possible by LEX’s unique patent pending bussing design.

PCS is expected to start shipping in January 2015.   LEX Products also plans to launch a portable model in the near feature.