Leprecon XC350 Lighting ConsoleLeprecon released their new XC 350 console, which replaces the now discontinued LP1600 and LPX consoles.  This new addition to the LPC line of controllers offers 6 stacking playbacks, 24 programmable submasters, 12 ‘quick look’ button playbacks along with a conventional cue stack.  The XC features four edge wheel encoders, an on-board trackball and full numeric keypad for fast data entry and parameter adjustment while programming. The LPC software base provides an easy to use interface for events ranging from improvised performance to tightly scripted shows using conventional dimming, LEDs, and automated fixtures.

Leprecon WatsonAlso on hand was the handy ‘Watson’ Power Management relay that provides a simple and compact solution for installing, powering and controlling electronic fixtures available in 120 or 208/240 volt versions.

Features include:
– Uses DMX control to Power On/Off each fixture group
– Extend fixture life, reduce energy use
– Easy ‘Reset’ control for fixtures that need power cycling
– Buffered and isolated DMX output
– Isolates fixture electronics from power grid
– Dry contract closure, no SSR or Triac output devices
– Use as a relay pack for motorized effects or other ‘non-dimmable’ devices
– Lowers installed cost using a single power drop to support several fixtures
– 4 Models: 1-Duplex Out, 1-Neutrik PowerCon Out, 6-Duplex Out, 6-Duplex Raceway
– Mounting brackets included (Product Support shows detailed drawings)
– Wireless DMX option available