Clay Paky

Clay Paky won the LDI 2014 award for the Most Creative use of light in a booth.

Clay Paky LDI 2014Showed 3 new fixture products

  • Super Sharpy – Building on the popular Sharpy fixture, the Super Sharpy boasts a 470W, 7800K lamp compared to the 190w of the original Sharpy, Making it 3 times brighter than the original. There is a larger 170mm diameter lens with an adjustable field angle of 0 – 4 degrees.
  • Mythos – The Mythos is an advanced hybrid fixture with a 470W, 7800K lamp. It has zoom capabilities of 4 – 50 degrees, indexed visual effects that can be used along with all of the gobos either in or out of focus. There is a 5° aperture and “pipe” effect (Beam mode), CMY color mixing with gradually fading color wheels, 11 special color filters on three wheel, 2 CTO filters (3200 K and 2500 K) + 1 CTB filter, Wheel with 6 HQ dichroic rotating gobos, Wheel with 18+1 fixed metal gobos, 6 beam reducer filters on the gobo wheel, Advanced visual effect disc (animation disc), 2 indexable rotating prisms (8-facet and linear 4-facet prism), Frost filter for soft-edge projection.
  • Stormy – Stormy is an LED Strobe light but much more. It allows for continuous light making it a viable wash light as well. The all white LED strobe has 3 channels of control, 980w max in pulsed mode and 720w max in continuous mode. There is also an RGBW model, The Stormy CC, which has 7 control channels.

We’re still looking for a YouTube vid of the LDI show, but the one from PLASA is pretty close..