City Theatrical

QolorpointQolorPoint battery powered LED RGBW uplight has an elegant design for event lighting. The design is cylindrical shape with removable stainless steel shroud. Built in is the SHoW DMX radio and is rated for outdoor use IP65. QolorPoint recharges in 4 hours using Li-Ion Battery and the battery life exceeding 10 hours on maximum output dual color or cycle. The fixture is available with a 6-Way charging flight case and black or white shroud. For event lighting this unit will be fast and easy setup and breakdown.

Qolorflex NuneonQolorflex Nuneon allows you to achieve the same visual effects as standard neon lights, with the reliability, brightness, and ease-of-installation of LED lighting. Totally encased in a translucent silicone material, the LEDs read as a continuous light source for a truly neon look. Sold in 50M reels or cut to length, our NuNeon lighting is available in Multi-color RGB and Red.

QolorFlex Connect 14QolorFlex Connect 14 is great for large sets and shows where multiple dimmers and many linear feet of LED tape are required, CTI offers a practical and time saving solution for managing the wiring and making numerous connections where needed. Connect any of the 14 terminal block connectors (5 pin) to a dimmer/control output and have 13 additional controlled outputs available where you need them. Each output is color coded for use with 4-color RGBX tape and each has +power. Each tape can then be easily identified and traced for testing and troubleshooting when required.

QolorFlex Control 6QolorFlex Control 6 is a basic six channel DMX controller/color mixer is perfect for use in small shows or events/demonstrations or for use in set-up and testing of large shows with multiple tape runs. Channels are each controlled with individual faders or all at once with the master. The unit has 3PXLRF DMX out connector. It can be operated either by one 9V battery or with the 9V plug in power supply.

D4 LPD4 LP Dimmer is optimized for LED use and offers numerous features for the professional user working in film, video and live theatrical productions. Four channel operation makes it perfect for use with multicolor and hybrid LED tapes and it offers five 5-pin output terminal blocks for connections. It incorporates an integral power supply and its fanless configuration ensures totally silent operation. The low profile (2″ high) unit is sized for surface mounting behind scenery and is also compatible with standard rack mount enclosures. Its versatility is furthered by its availability as either a 12V for 24V unit with either Class1 or Class 2 device ratings.