CHAUVET Professional

Chauvet-Prof-TheatricalOne of the high points of this year’s booth was their addition to the Ovation, LED ellipsoidal and Fresnel lines. The ED-190WW and FD-165WW respectively, run not only on constant power with DMX control, but also phase dimming power. There’s not even a flick of a switch required to go between the two controls. Simply unplug your straight power line and control, then plug in the phase dimmer line and you’re good to go. Chauvet’s wait to release this fixture to perfect the challenge of a smooth dimmer curve paid off with a clean fade from 0 -100 and back.

Chauvet Professional LED Houselight, Profile and FresnelNew to the Ovation line, the H-105WW LED house light features COB LED technology for outstanding flat, even, and flattering fields of light in your venue. It comes standard with interchangeable lenses for adjustments for differing heights, 5-pin DMX and install terminals for permanent and temporary installations, and is a silent LED fixture. The fixture features 16-bit dimming response, remote device management for added programming flexibility, and has adjustable PWM to avoid flickering in filmed environments.

Ovation-Min-E-10WWOvation Min-E-10WW is the perfect complement in form and function to the bigger Ovation™ E-190WW in a handy, almost pocket sized version. Powered by a punchy 10W warm white LED, this ultra discreet ellipsoidal features a four-blade shutter system to efficiently and cleanly crop light from unwanted areas, and the interchangeable lens tubes slide in and lock down at the desired focus point. Ovation Min-E-10WW is easily dimmed using external dimmer packs apt for LED lighting.

Complementing their line of moving head fixtures are the Rogue series. With choices of HRI lamp or LED based fixtures, these fixtures focus on versatility and brightness. From tight beams to a variety of effects including layering of prisms in the R1 and RH1 Hybrid for new options for aerial effects, this line is a good choice for the medium to large sized venues where small footprints yet high output are needed.

A complete video tour of the from CHAUVET Professional’s Jim Hutchinson is below.