CHAUVET DJ EZ GoboOne of the sought after fixture in the CHAUVET DJ line on display was the EZ-Gobo. Complementing their EZ-Pin fixtures, this battery operated LED fixture gives you a crisp, cool white beam spot, not only with a variable zoom/focus, but the ability to project gobos as well. The strong magnetic base/scissor clamp and IR remote adds to the fixtures versatility.

Another tool for anyone in the event or dj industry is the Freedom PAR line. With the option of Tri, Quad or Hex LEDs, you now have a compact, wireless and bright uplight device that can quickly be adapted for use with a clamp as an overhead PAR as well. Tied in the Chauvet’s Flarecon wireless control system and mobile device app, setting and controlling your ballroom full of fixtures just got even easier.

Here’s CHAUVET DJ’s Allen Reiss with the tour –