Daktronics ProPixelDaktronics’ ProPixel freeform products allow designers to turn any structures into eye-catching video displays.   The flexible mesh mounting platform is thin, lightweight, and can be mounting from either the front or rear. The IP67 rating makes the ProPixel ideal for outdoor locations, even in a wet environment. The ProPixel Freeform is offered in two forms, the video stick (PSX) and the video puck (PCX).

PSX has pixels set at specific intervals along its length making it ideal for extremely tight radius corners, weight restrictions, see-through display, or where long, thin lines of pixels are desired. The pixels are configured with two red, two green, and two blue LEDs, giving designers 16-bit imagine processing, with a horizontal viewing angle of 110⁰ and vertical viewing angle of 50⁰.

The PXC is ideal or curved shapes or spheres, where variable spacing is desired, and see-through applications. The pucks are configured with one red, one green, and one blue LED providing 10-bit image processing, a horizontal viewing angle of 140⁰ and vertical viewing angle of 70⁰.