Zylight F8Zylight continues to improve on their line of fixtures.  This year they showcased the updated F8 LED Fresnel which is available in both tungsten (3200K) and daylight (5600K) versions with a CRI of 97+ and 95+ respectively.  The F8 utilizes a unique bellows made of high temperature silicone.  Similar to an old-fashioned view camera this allows the lens to travel through a 16 degree spot to 70 degree flood adjustment and store in only 4.6″.  Lens adjustment was smooth using the knob on the back of the unit which incorporates an automatic brake to prevent lens drift.  The F8 has onboard and DMX controls as well as a range of accessories including handles and battery mounts for location use.  The unit can use either
Anton-Bauer or V-Mount batteries for up to an hour and a half of operation.

In addition to the F8, the IS3c LED Softlight and Z90 fixture were also shown.  Both offer variable color temperature plus the ability to be used as a colored source for scene setting or effects.  As an added benefit, all
IS3c units now include a Chimera softbox to increase their flexibility.