Schneider Optics

SCHNEDIER XENON FF PRIME LENSES18crpdFor Spring 2014 they have an assortment of products.  The wide angle  adapter for Cabrio  19-90 PL Mount Zoom lens.  It provides 30% wider angle than the Cabrio’s 19mm limitation, with a minimum focal length of 14.5mm.  The non-zoom through adapter is designed for quick mounting and removal on the front of the Cabrio lens.

Chrosziel Magnum Remote Lens Control System
Schneider Chrosziel Magnum Remote Lens Control SystemIt has been designed with heavy participation from professional 1st assistant camera operators to achieve ergonomic perfection in pulling focus.  It has a symmetrical design , left handed 1st ACs can operate a MagNum controller with the same ease as their right-handed cohorts.   They are able to operate around the world by utilizing the worldwide free frequency 2.4GHz band.   Includes a built-in spectrum analyzer to identify the best transmission channel.  The controller features an intuitive, menu-guided operation by membrane  keys and color OLED display. These are available in 3 models: MN-100 single focus channel, MN-150 which can be upgraded to dual channel control, and the complete dual channel MN-200.   These are also offered in kits for popular digital cine cameras and is compatible  with all digital motors.