Rip TieRip-Tie is featuring a custom logo printing promotion for first time custom print customers.  With a minimum order of 500 wraps with pull tabs, the factory can print your logo onto any CableWrap, CableCatch, CinchStrap, CinchStrap-EG and CableCarrier.  This NAB Show special is good from April 7th and May 10, 2014.  Contact your local Barbizon office for more details.

Rip Tie MiniHave you seen the Rip-Tie Mini?  This super small reusable cable wrap is perfect for cell phone cords, small charger cables, portable music player earphone cords, and any small bundle of cables.  No more frustration with small tangled cables in the bag, your pocket or your car.  Mini Rip-Tie are available in black or white and come is packages of seven.