These innovative products bring high end chromakey technology to almost anyone with an interest in it.

Reflectmendia microliteMicroLite is a lightweight adjustable cradle which allows a Reflecmedia LiteRing to be attached to almost any high street digital stills camera or DV palmcorder and also stepping rings for 43mm and 37mm lenses. It is sold as a unit compatible with all our Chromatte products or with either 2.5m x 2.5m (8ft x 8ft) Deskshoot Lite or 1.4m x 1m (4ft x 3ft) ChromaFlex EL to provide fully functional chromakey facilities in a truly portable way.

Deskshoot Lite is a newly-developed curtain, using the same technology as the highly acclaimed Chromatte fabric, but it’s lighter and therefore easier to pack away. As an entry-level product, the MicroLite bundle is priced to ensure it’s affordable for smaller users and is ideal for schools, churches, students, small businesses, videographers and home movie makers as well as stills photographers wanting to use chromakey technology in their work. Deskshoot Lite is now also available with a standard LiteRing bundle, for greater flexibility.

MicroLite bundles come with the adapter, LiteRing, ChromaFlex EL or Deskshoot Lite curtain, integrated mini controller to adjust the intensity of the LiteRing and a universal power supply, and are compatible with normal chromakey workflows and software.