Prism Projection

IPrismf you haven’t seen it yet, checkout the Prism RevEAL LED Profile Junior and RevEAL Studio.3 LED Fresnel with the new 95 Enhanced CRI (EC) model.

Prism RevEAL LED Profile JuniorThe RevEAL Profile Junior luminaire is a tunable white, true high-CRI, LED profile spot with high lumen output. Its debut follows the successful launch of the multi-award winning RevEAL Profile. The Profile Junior’s size and weight are similar to conventional tungsten source ellipsoidals.

The RevEAL Studio.3 from Prism Projection is a professional grade LED fresnel lighting RevEAL Studio.3 LED Fresnelinstrument that provides high lumen output, unparalleled color rendering, tunable CCT from 2700-8000K with +/- magenta/green correction, and beam quality, all guaranteed by TrueSource® color management technology. The RevEAL Studio.3 illumination sources are energy efficient and long lasting solid-state LEDs that are applied with proprietary control algorithms and projection optics.

These fixtures have recently been installed on Jimmy Kimmel Live , The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallen and the new ESPN studio’s in Bristol CT.