PAG BatteriesAt this year’s NAB, Pag unveiled a new lineup of High capacity Gold mount batteries with linking technology introduced as the PAGlink HC-PL94T Time Battery. These batteries are compatible with Gold mount/Snap on plates and Anton Bauer Lithium Ion Chargers.

Smaller and lighter in size these Li-Ion batteries include a higher energy density which draws up to 12A for high-current applications (10A individually).

  • Additional features include:
  • Hot-swap for continuous power
  • Camera run-time displayed numerically in hours and minutes
  • Remaining capacity displayed automatically in the viewfinder/LCD

Micro-Charger-AFor people travelling light the PAGlink Micro Charger is an ultra-compact, single position charger designed to fit any kit bag and to suit any budget.

PAGlink is the first battery system that allows batteries to be charged whilst linked, making it possible to charge multiple batteries on one charging position.

  • Travel light and charge PAGlink or standard V-Mount Li-Ion batteries on location
  • Small enough to fit in any kit bag
  • Fully charge two PAGlink batteries in approximately 7 hours
  • Designed to charge simultaneously up to 4 batteries overnight
  • If you need power in a hurry, one fully discharged 96Wh battery will be 80% charged in approximately 2 1⁄2 hours
  • The charge status of each battery is shown on its individual display
  • Interchangeable plug adaptors and a wide range 100-240V input enable world wide use
  • The unit features LED indication of charging, charge completion, a faulty battery, and battery absent
  • The Micro Charger is smaller than a PAGlink battery and weighs approximately 200g