Matthews Studio Equipment

MSE NogaMatthews introduced their articulated multi-jointed arm, the NOGA Arm. It locks or releases the three articulated joints instantly, making it easy to position equipment or accessories quickly. NOGA Arms are available in two lengths: Large – 22” & Medium – 10.5”. With an internal steel rod versus the traditional cable system, these two arms are stronger than any other similar product in the market.

MSE also welcomes the return of the Low Boy Crank-o-Vator & MiniVator crank stands. The LoBoy Crank loading height is now shorter; while the Minivator is taller – shrinking and growing according to need.

Also new is the Intel-A-Big Jib, a 23’ jib arm and dolly system that sets up in 10 minutes or less – without tools! In addition, MSE is also offering a retrofit kit that easily converts your standard Intel-A-Jib to the INTEL-A-BIG Jib!

MSE SliderLast but certainly not least, MSE offers the Matthews-Slider, a camera platform that is extremely sturdy and lightweight and the Matthews-Slider Stand. The Matthews-Slider comes in three basic sizes: 29″, 35″ and 45″ and is also available in many custom lengths. All three of the standard sizes are completely modular, allowing offset mounting of the rotating Mitchell base to extend the reach of the system. The Slider Stand comes standard with two rocky mountain legs for easy leveling on hills, mountainsides, rocky environments, stairs and most other uneven terrain, plus can be used with the widely known Dana Dolly!