Kino Flo

Celeb 400Kino Flo Lighting Systems showed all of the popular fluorescent fixtures that made them famous, but front and center were their three new LED units: The Celeb 200 DMX LED, the Celeb 400  DMX LED, and the Celeb 400Q DMX LED.  All three are variable color temperature, from 2700-5500K (CRI of 95+), with onboard dimming and color temperature adjustment as well as control via DMX.

For ease of use, the units have five presets for color temperature accessible from buttons on the back.  These units provide the excellent, soft wrap lighting that Kino Flo is known for while offering the increased flexibility of an LED fixture.  The units dim without color shift, and they also maintain their output as the color temperature is changed.  The Celeb 200 is positioned as an LED replacement for the 2-tube Diva-Lite 201.  The Celeb 400, which begins shipping in April, is similarly designed to replace 4-tube fixtures.  The Celeb DMXCeleb 400 was also named the Videomaker “Best Light of NAB 2014”.

Finally, the Celeb 400W, which will be available in July takes the light level of the 400 but changes the form-factor to a 2′ x 2′ square LED panel for a more concentrated source that still feels soft.