iKan Corp, a Houston based designer and manufacturer of digital video and DSLR gear used by independent filmmakers, videographers, and professional photographers will showcase nearly 100 new products in their NAB booth.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.30.17 AMStanding out were the next generation field monitors for film and video production. The D-Series monitors have True Color 1920×1080 IPS panels, waveform, the ability to cross convert HDMI and SDI signals, and many more features. In the M-Series of monitors there will be two new lighter and thinner models that will be displayed at the show. The M-Series models will have most of the same features of its predecessors, the MR7 & MD7, but just more compact for convenience.

The VX9i will on display at the show this year, equipped with True Color 1920×1080 IPS panel with an aluminum body and has all of the same features as the current VX9e. To go along with that monitor is its counterpart, the VX9i-2K and it will support 4:4:4 2K signals. Other major features to look out for in the monitor are the True Color IPS Panel, HDMI and SDI Conversions, Waveform, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), rugged aluminum body, and many more.

iKan also had their new affordable follow-focus and a wide selection of affordable solid state lighting.