Hoodman Corporation manufactures inspired digital camera tools. Glare Fighting LCD loupes, ratcheting variable angle viewers, the fastest, longest lasting CompactFlash memory cards and the worlds first steel plated, ruggedized SDHC memory card line for digital media production.

Hbm1_1(ADD)At NAB this year Hoodman’s simple new hood model (HBM1) for the Blackmagic Production Camera LCD screen greatly improves outdoor LCD viewing. The new HBM1 hood uses a pierceable bottom panel to facilitate glare free touch screen access. Mounting the HBM1 hood to the OEM visor takes only seconds and is done with the included adhesive Velcro mount kit. Rugged nylon plastic insert construction allows the HBM1 hood to fold flat for easy storage.

Hoodman also had their H line of SD cards which are a wise purchase for customers who require reliable memory cards, but do not require the fastest memory cards we make. The H line features “Chip on Board” internal construction, up to 60 MB/s transfer speeds and a lifetime warranty.