DeSisti Lighting

Nobody can accuse DeSisti of standing idle. This company is constantly striving to improve and innovate their product line to meet the needs of the marketplace. At NAB 2014, they introduced new products and improvements to existing products. In this report, I will highlight their new LED SOFTLIGHT. Information on their other new or improved products can be found on their website. They include a new LED FRESNEL RANGE (High Power and Enhanced CRI >90), LED FRESNEL RETROFITS, LITE MINI HOIST and MINI SPIDER. All are worthy of your attention.

This extremely bright LED entry in the softlight category is truly noteworthy. It produces almost twice the light output of a standard fluorescent fixture and has a CRI greater than 95. Yes, greater than 95. It utilizes an innovative Remote Phosphor screen to create this astonishing color rendering. Here are just a few more highlights regarding these fixtures:

  • Controlled beam pattern using grid spots
  • Soft shadows
  • Even light distribution in intensity and white light balance throughout light pattern
  • No “pixel” effect, so common with other brands
  • Small size and light weight, but ruggedly built.
  • Available with pole operation
  • DMX dimmable and flicker free from 0-100%
  • Available in tungsten or daylight color temperature version
  • Available in 2 or 3 LED arrays (SOFT LED 2, SOFT LED 3)