Cineo Lighting

Cineo Matchstick MaverickCineo continues their line of phosphor panels with the AC/DC powered Maverick and 6” or 12” Matchstix Single Phosphor Bar. Both meet the demands of field use: lightweight, DC powered and weatherproof (Maverick only). Cineo’s Maverick delivers a volume of light equal to a traditional 1K soft source with interchangeable phosphor panels to permit a variety of color temperatures in one fixture.

Cineo Photon 2The re-designed Foton2 Portable and Studio lights are small, PAR-style fixtures with twice the output of the original Foton, now available in both Tungsten and Daylight balanced color. Foton2 is designed to meet the stringent requirements for film, television and still photography. The output of Foton2 is comparable to a 200-watt tungsten fixture, yet typically consumes only 35 watts with no U/V and IR emissions in the beam. The beam angle can be varied from 20° to 60° by changing reflectors and can be fitted with accessories such as barn doors and gel frames. Foton2 Studio integrates easily into both permanent and temporary studio locations, while the Foton2 Portable unit is perfect for remote situations.

Foton2 Studio lampheads are powered using the new Studio Hub, which provides power and DMX control for 1-4 fixtures at distances up to 100’.

*Soon to release are their combination 3 light kits, available in either 1 Maverick / 2 Foton 2 or 2 Maverick / 1 Foton 2 configurations.