Chimera products some handy products at NAB this year.  First up was their new modular speed ring for those larger lights up to 9-5/8”, like the Arrimax M8.

Chimera TechNext was a new line of TECH Lightbanks for LED, Plasma and Remote Phosphor lights. Fixtures include the Creamsource Classic, Litepanels Hilio, TruColor HS, Rotolight and a Universal Softbank for all the 1×1 panels out there. These Lightbanks are versatile in that they have unique mounting methods to accommodate most LED fixtures, like using slide-in frames, circular rings, barn door mounts and a new adjustable mounting Lightbank that requires no frames, rings or poles!

The Low Heat LED Lightbanks are part of the Video PRO, Daylight JR and Quartz lines and accommodate most popular LED Fresnels. The Low Heat Lightbanks have the soft silver interiors and are made with the same high quality materials that are used in the Video PRO, Daylight JR and Quartz series Plus One Lightbanks, minus the high heat material.

Chimera EZ PopThe new Lighttools ez[POP] Soft Egg Crate grids integrate a tensioning frame into their existing Soft Egg Crate designs to simplify the assembly process, maintain a better shape and guarantee maximum soft light control in the most challenging of lighting set-ups. The Lighttools ez[POP] Soft Egg Crate grids are available in small, medium and large for Lightbanks and Strip Banks with 40º angle of coverage.

Window_Pattern_NamesChimera also came out with a new urban range of window pattern break-ups that come in 22″ or 16″ sizes for 48″, 42″, or 24″ frames. Now you can create the interesting light patterns you want, without all the time-consuming work. No more chopping tree branches, removing Venetian blinds from windows or adding foliage. Chimera has created a variety of Window Patterns that help you achieve perfect lighting backgrounds for interviews, portraits, still life and more.