TMB’s pavilion was in full effect at LDI with lots of new offerings from the various manufacturers they distribute.  Here’s the rundown:

Green_Hippo_Rackoon_FrontGreen Hippo:  The Hippotizer Rackoon media server by Green Hippo. The Rackoon media server provides six layers of full 1080p HD playback, unrestricted output, unlimited PixelMapper universes, and all the features of the latest Hippotizer software, all in a compact 1U rackmount chassis.

IMS Intelligent Marquee Systems: DMX-controlled LED bulb arrays retrofit in existing festoon systems and more! IMS is available in two versions: The Architectural range for permanent outdoor installations, and the Portable Touring range for indoor and temporary outdoor applications. Both IMS ranges are available with RGB, warm white, and cool white A-type bulbs for a clean retro look. The proprietary IMS Universe Drive is available in Indoor and NEW Outdoor versions and integrates DMX data and power for up to 170 bulbs (one DMX Universe). Using the Vampire Tap sockets, systems can be custom built and reconfigured with different lengths and lamp spacing for each specific application.

LumenRadio: The Super Nova 3 software is a complete system management for lighting industry professionals.  Monitor, configure and graphically view your entire lighting system from a laptop. Utilizing the Art-Net management and RDM protocols, the latest version of SuperNova enables system-wide control of the entire lighting infrastructure. Alerts and monitoring can be configured for each element of the system – when a temperature is out of range, a push alert can be sent to a smartphone or sent as an email, providing essential status information never before available to production staff.  The system offers full RDM control including adjustment of DMX start addresses and personality, as well as advanced monitoring and status history information to provide detailed feedback.
What makes this product new from a technology standpoint:  The combination of Art-Net, RDM, RDMnet when ratified, and wireless technologies in a system-agnostic application, which can run under Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux.

ProPlexGBS-compGBS: IS now available with PoE.  IQ now with RDM functionality. High-performance, tour-grade signal management solutions! Product range includes: GBS gigabit Ethernet switches, now available with PoE; Opto-Splitter isolated DMX/RDM splitters; and IQ RDM capable bidirectional Ethernet-DMX converters, now with RDM functionality. Shock-mounted circuitry designed for extreme temperatures and conditions. ProPlex DDD models are available in RackMount and PortableMount versions with optional yoke for truss-mounting.

Schnick Schnack Systems: This full range of German-made, professional quality. LED products include:  Strips, Tiles, and Panels in a variety of control types, sizes, and pixel pitches, along with a selection of power supplies, interfaces, controllers, and software.  Multiple product levels suit any size installation and any budget.  Compact, modular, and easy to use for quick installation and removal, the extremely flexible systems include a variety of mounting options.  High-bin LEDs, unique color-calibration, and special dimmer curve for TV cameras ensure quality and consistency of color, intensity, and luminosity across the entire range.  Newly added products and features include the M-Dots and IP-rated LED Strips.  Also a new software component allows visualization of the entire system in real time.

SolarisSolaris: The Solaris LED Flare is a super-bright, 1000-Watt, high-performance RGBW wash, strobe, colour scroller, and blinder – in one fixture! A single Flare offers superior performance over traditional LED fixtures and eliminates a host of gear and labor with less power consumption! The Flare’s multiple functions saves labor, time, space, energy, and cost. Instantaneous RGBW colour mixing with 1200Hz refresh rate provides smooth on-camera dimming. The pixel-map feature divides into 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 sections for ultimate control. Saturated colours feature intense, deep reds and blues, ultra-bright greens, and brilliant camera-friendly whites. The new Flare Jr. is the baby brother of the Flare with 32 10W LEDs divided into 4 sections (pixels).

Also new from Solaris LED are their Linear RGBW and RGB fixtures that are available in RGBW and RGB, Solaris LED Linear Battens, Half-Battens, and Bricks provide high-intensity, brighter colors and whites.  Flicker-free output with smooth 16-bit dimming (1200Hz PWM).  RGBW units have homogenized 4-color blending, projected from the lenses providing more even color mix:  no “Skittles” or multi-color shadow effect.

SoraaFor the replacement market TMB has Soraa LED lamps: These MR replacement lamps are available in 2,7000, 3,0000, and 5,0000 Kelvin.  They emit accurate, full-spectrum color rendering: CRI and R9 both 95 plus!  A great feature is their Innovative SNAP system with magnetic attachments change beam shape or color temperature instantly!
Soraa is the only LED MR16 lamp rated for use in “Fully Enclosed Fixtures” and is available in 12, 120 and 230 Volt versions.

A steadfast product that TMB is known for is their ProPlex Data Distribution that features tour-grade, copper/fibre, unified signal management systems.

Post by TMB.