Spotlight-Fresneled-200-UDThe Spotlight team was on hand at LDI with their GreenLine which includes Fresnels, PCs, Beam lights, Profiles and Followspots with LED sources ranging from 50 watts to 250 watts. Three fixed white, a tunable white and RGBW versions are available. The output of their LED fixtures meets or exceeds that of comparable 300, 500 and 1000 watt incandescent lamps and all have reliable color rendering.

One interesting item of note was their FresneLED 200 UD that is equipped with new electronic power supply that can be ordered with so that it can be controlled by DMX, local potentiometer, or available with a dimmable driver to it can be controlled via a traditional dimmer line.  This is a great fixture to consider if you cannot change out your dimmers or are limited in DMX control capabilities.