Rose Brand

Rose Brand LDIRose Brand supplies flame retardant fabric, theatrical draperies and production supplies for entertainment, schools, events, exhibitions and houses of worship.  They fabricate custom stage curtains for venues ranging from Broadway productions to school auditoriums. specializing in velour grand drapes, muslin backdrops, scrim, cycloramas, and more. They also can fabricate large, decorative stretch shapes, as well as digitally printed backdrops and banners in the widest range of fabrics and substrates.

Rose-Brand-Triple-ERose Brand LDI news of note is that they are now the US Distributor for Tripe E Ltd which has introduced the T-Drive and S-Drive motors. The T-Drive is a solution for big stages, designed to fit the Unitrack and Unibeam systems for straight and curved track layouts. It is intended as a quick plug & play system. The motor and control system are incorporated into one compact unit that can attach directly beneath the track. Max curtain weight 300kg. Max linear speed 0.7 m/s.  The S-Drive is the solution for small stages and studios. The S-Drive is designed to fit both straight and curved ERAIL track layouts, and is intended to be used as a quick plug & play system.