Robe Lighting

Robin CycloneRobe’s been busy this year releasing a wide array of new products.

For moving lights they have released the Robin Cyclone, an LED Moving light fixture with a built in fan in the center designed to blow haze or fog thru the unit giving you some spectacular atmospheric effects. The Robin MMX Blade combines a new higher quality lamp with output comparable with most other 1200W fixtures and a framing shutter system. Also included is a color wheel and an impressive effects wheel. This fixture gives you punch, shutter capabilities, and great effects in one package.

MiniMeWhile technically a moving light, the new Mini Me fixture is a small digital projector on a moving light chassis. This gives you the ability to pan and tilt video content that can either be streamed live or downloaded to the unit. You can zoom the image down to the size of a postage stamp or out to a couple of feet. This light would make a great fixture for Restaurant/Bar applications or even small corporate events!

For static fixtures, coming soon is the Robin Parfect 100 which is a new LED par fixture. It has both CMY & RGBW color control, Tungsten Emulation, and a really punchy 7 degree beam. Optional accessories are a 25 & 40 degree filter and a wireless DMX module.