Philips Entertainment Group

Philips Entertainment Group which comprises of Strand, Selecon, Showline, and Vari-lite announced that have officially combined all four product lines under one roof, giving PLCyc_Cyan_Webend-users a one manufacturer solution for a wide range of products from console to Fixtures. By merging together everything from customer service to technical support should be made a whole lot simpler!

Recently they made an effort to lower pricing on their PL 1 series LED fixtures so that LEDs became more affordable for those who were looking to purchase LEDs, but were concerned due to price. This even includes their PLCYC 1 unit which is one of their most popular fixtures!

Some new products to talk about on the Showline series; they have come out this year with a LED bar fixture that varies between 2’ (SL Bar 620), 4’ (SL Bar 640), SL_BAR_620_Frontor 6’ (SL Bar 660). These fixtures can be controlled by each pair of LEDs down the line making the immensely controllable for a wide arrange of effects. In addition to the bars they also released a Par fixture that is punchy, but also give you the ability to focus it without using external lenses. The Showline series is designed for the rugged AV Rental Market, but many other areas are enjoying the lights because of their ease of use, high quality, and affordability.

If you are looking for a small affordable moving light, conventional, and moving light console check out the new 250ML. It allows you to control up to 250 dimmers and 30 automated fixtures all on one console. The user interface is easy to learn and having actual knobs to control moving lights is a big plus.

For moving lights, the Vari-Lite Line offers a wide selection of models which were on full display for attendees. While still making their tried and true models such as the 1000, 2000, and 3000 series; Vari-Lite, is offering their next generation fixtures incorporating LED technology. This includes the VLX-3 Fixture and their VLX Wash Fixtures.Studio_Panel_LED_3

On the studio front, after successfully launching their Studio panel LED fixture that has become very popular due to natively having lots of features and a great starting price point. They have released a whole bunch of additional accessories for the panel fixture including, an accessory holder, barn doors, and other handy tools.