Martin by Harmon

Martin heavily promoted their Rush line that has been expanded this year with plans to expand even further by adding 2-4 products quarterly.

The MH1 Profile LED profile features a 180 watt LED engine out putting 3600 lumen, 2- 7 color, color wheels including 1 U.V. and 2 CTO filters.  It also has 2 gobos wheels, the static wheel is 8 plus open and the rotating, is 7 plus open.  Packed inside this fixture is also a 3 facet prism that is indexing and rotation with a variable speed, and iris and electronic dimming 0-100% with 4 dimming curve options. Control of this using 17 DMX channels or Stand alone using music triggers or 4 pre-programmed sequences.

Martin-quantumMartin is still in the biz of making large lights though, the Mac Quantum is Martin’s biggest new light of the year.  With 50 15watt RGBW LED’s it deliver 15400 lumens with an 11-59 degree zoom. There are 3 rings of LEDs and a center cluster.  Each ring and then the center cluster are controlled separately. You can also pixel map the cells making dynamic images that can spin by spinning the Aura style lens on the front of the fixture. The lens can also glow independently of the light using 100 smaller emitters that circle the lens.  You find this feature on the Aura as well.

Jem-Ready-365-hazeJem- Ready 365 Haze machine.  This machine is new to Martin  Jem this year. It has a 3.5 liter capacity on board fluid bottle.  It does require CO2 but Martin suggests you buy the regulator from them as it is a special 30psi regulator.  Running at high you can fill a stadium in 20mins is what I was told.  You will also run that 3.5liters of fluid through in 70hrs or at low in 200 hours. One more feature is that it has an onboard Lithium battery, so that when the machine is shut off it run through a cleaning cycle.