JR Clancy

J.R. Clancy has been designing and manufacturing rigging and theatrical equipment since 1885 so they are intimately familiar with the needs of rigging on any scale.  At LDI they expanded the SceneControl 5000 series of controllers with rigging control consoles for performance spaces of every size, from the most complex performing arts center, sporting complex, or Broadway show to the high school, church, and college stage.

The new addition is the SceneControl 5200 console, which provides programming capability for an unlimited number of cues, including the ability to control other stage machinery like turntables, wagons, chain motors, and even performer flying hoists. Small enough for venues with confined backstage space, the SceneControl 5200 console controls up to 24 axes, making it the right controller for stages including high schools, colleges, and small to mid-sized theatres. (Thanks to Jacob and Stage Directions for the video!)