H&H Specialties

H&H 451There were three interesting things of note this year from H&H Specialties.

Really Useful Carrier No. 451- This carrier has a working load of 200 lbs and can be used to carry a variety of things from scenery to lighting.  The Wheels have a urethane tire and have sealed ball bearings allowing the high load rating.  This carrier also has a set of rollers between the wheels. These will allow the carrier to glide along the track should the load go off vertical, making for smoother operation and a longer lasting carrier.H&H 451A

Really Useful Carrier No. 451A-  This carrier is much like the 451 only it has a third set of wheels to help prevent tipping of a potentially unbalanced load.

EZ stop Curtain Controller– This is a user- friendly easily programmable 10 stop curtain machine controller.  This controller must be factory installed to any H&H Specialties curtain machine.  H&H EZ StopUp to 10 presets can be programmed via the EZ Stop controller.  Using RS422 serial interface you may use third party automations systems for up to 99 EZ Stop addresses. Additionally you may connect using terminal connections to push buttons or contact closures for control as well.  These buttons will need to be programmed off of the EZ stop Controller touch screen. The unit operates off a 24VDC power supply.