Fuel Lighting

Fuel recently came on the scene with some really handy fixtures for niche needs.

Fuel Angle LightThe “Angle Light” System is truly in a class of its own. From its visually pleasing warm-white LED light output, to it’s high-contrast optical system that has virtually zero light spill outside its super-narrow 3deg beam, to it’s wireless full dimming capability… the Angle Light System will inspire a whole new series of creative lighting concepts that will no-doubt change the way events are envisioned, designed, and experienced.  It’s extremely small size, (1.75″ x 1.75″ x 10″) and light weight design of only 1.3lbs allowed us to create many new ways to integrate the system into different venue and event settings that were simply not possible with traditional light systems of the past. Custom adapters such as pipe “clips” that allow you to “snap” the light directly onto pipe & drape, the magnetic mount on the back of the light that is amazingly powerful, and the glass railing mount for spaces that utilize 1/2″ glass railings, come together to form a super versatile lighting tool.

Penda-Light-Main-Header_1024x1024Fuel’s Penda-Light LED Fixture is a remote controlled, and dimmable 360deg light source capable of mimicking the light radiating characteristics of a standard incandescent light bulb designed to light any object that requires smooth 360deg illumination. Decor pieces such as Lamp and Pendent Shades, Paper Lanterns, and Acrylic Furniture are just a few elements perfect for the Penda-Light System. In fact, any situation you think a regular light bulb would be perfect, the Penda-Light would be a great solution.

What’s neat about the fixture is Fuel developed a series of inexpensive reflectors that mount to the tip of the fixture redirecting all of it’s light in one direction. The ability to transform the Penda-Lights 360deg radiating pattern into a direction pattern allows a single fixture to be utilized for many different lighting applications making this new innovation both an amazing light and a great value.