Enttec was displaying a few new items this year. Of note was their new PIXEL Tapes and Pixie Driver.

Available in three different densities: 30, 60 and 144 Pixels per meter designed to work with ENTTEC Pixie Driver. Each pixel can achieve 16,777,216 full color display and scan frequency non less than 400Hz/s. They come with 3M adhesive double side tape at the back for easy adhesion to various surfaces.

Enttec’s Pixie Driver is available in 2 versions, the 110 Watt pixie driver can control up to 600 RGB LEDs from one source, the 55 Watt 300 RGB LEDs. This means you need less hardware to controls more strips. Using a standard 30 LEDs per meter strip, that’s 20 meters of LED strip from one compact device.

Enttec Pixie Driver