Astera-spotmaxA new find on the floor this year was Astera LED.  Their new fixture was the Spot Max.  It is an IP65 rated fixture with wireless DMX control.   Astera offers a proprietary RF controller or you can use your own controller with a W-DMX transmitter.

The SpotMax LED features a built in stand that folds up into the handle, a nice convenience for those quick event set-ups.  The unit looked to have a nice output in terms of color mixing and punch from the Phillips RGBAW leds.Astera-light-drop

The other must have for the event lighting crowd was the Lightdrop.  A battery operated, remote controlled pod with a magnetic base.  Astera has a line of accessories to trick out your Lightdrop from lenses, housings and columns to a charging case.

They also have wireless dedicated tablet controller called Astera Touch. It allows simple management of wireless lights, and can launch programs, effects, and customize and store these effects for use at events. Whether targeting one light or sets of lights, all doing different sequences, the AsteraTouch™ can do it all. All that is needed is the AsteraTouch™ and their lights, no other transmitter/receiver devices are needed.